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Gardening and lawn care is about healthy predictability. Put the right elements together, give it more of what it needs, protect it from things it doesn’t – and you’ll get the results you planned for. It’s a beautiful thing!

At Gardien®, we believe it’s a simple truth that too many companies seem to miss. We believe great product design requires more focus on users, and less on features for features’ sake. We believe in creating tools that last and products that anyone can understand. More marveling at your masterpieces, less wondering if your hose nozzle has any surprises in store for you come springtime.

Simply put – more yardwork, less guesswork. So whatever your new lawn and garden project looks like, we’ll help make sure it goes according to plan.

  • Our mission is to provide homeowners, gardening enthusiasts and lawn and garden retailers with the quality tools, expert knowledge, and reliable service they can count on.

Entire Gardien team in front of office building by Gardien sign

For the past 50 years, the Gardien® brand has been the trusted name behind hundreds of unique and market-leading products used by gardening experts and novices alike to prepare, grow, protect, and beautify their lawns, gardens, patios, and outdoor living areas of all sizes and stages.

Family owned since its inception in 1971, Gardien® is the lawn and garden products supplier of choice to thousands of big-box consumer and specialty home improvement retailers across the U.S.
The company maintains local warehousing facilities, as well as more than 500,000 square feet of production space strategically spread across eight different countries worldwide. Gardien® is headquartered in Buffalo Grove Illinois, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Consolidated Foam, Inc., a privately held consumer lawn and outdoor products manufacturer and distributor.

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