Coil-Flex™ Anti-Kink Garden Hose

CF #: 0-32151-26345-4

The Gardien® Coil-Flex anti-kink garden hose with Grip-n-Spin fittings was engineered to be the most hassle-free premium garden hose in the market. Embodying the motto "leave the flexing to me", this patented hose technology works hard so you don't have to; offering an unmatched combination of features: it's super lightweight, ultra durable, drinking water safe, and flexible in all weather! The innovative anti-kink Coil-Flex helix provides true non-stop full flow, while maintaining low recoil memory for easy unwinding and lie-flat handling. Added convenience comes in the form of 360-degree Grip-n-Spin fittings which allow free-spinning rotation from the collar for easy handling when the hose is on (pressurized). When hose is off (de-pressurized), push collar up to engage coupling creating ergonomic wrench-like grip to easily screw/unscrew from spigot and nozzle.
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  • All-weather flexiblity: hose remains pliable down to 14°F
  • Ultra-durable: non-marring ribbed outer jacket protects against scuffs and punctures
  • Drinking water safe: made from BPA-, lead- & phthalate-free materials for potable use
  • Super lightweight: weighs only 2.5lb - up to 75% less than some traditional hoses
  • Low recoil memory: hose is easy to unwind and lies flat during use
  • Hose specifications: 50' length, 5/8" diameter, standard 3/4" garden hose threads