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DuraWeave™ Geotextile Fabric

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DuraWeave Ultimate Hardscape Stabilizer & Ground Cover Fabric provides superior stability and separation of base aggregates & soils (with limited permeability) while also offering added UV resistance for exposed use in nursery, greenhouse, or silt fence applications. Ideal for use in a variety of construction projects including driveways, paths, parking lots, roads, silt fence, and nursery ground cover.

3' x 50' - 36" x 3.5" x 3.5" (rolled)
4' x 50' - 48" x 3.5" x 3.5" (rolled)
3' x 100' - 36" x 5" x 5" (rolled)
4' x 100' - 48" x 5" x 5" (rolled)

    DuraWeave™ Geotextile Fabric
    DuraWeave™ Geotextile Fabric
    DuraWeave™ Geotextile Fabric
    • Maximum strength for high-load applications

    • UV-resistant for exposed use

    • Low permeability for areas where puddling is not a concern

    • Ultra-durable for long-term stability & layer separation

    • Prevents soil, slope & shoreline erosion

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    DuraWeave™ Geotextile Fabric Setup

    • STEP 1

      Clear all weeds and grass from the ares that will be landscaped. For best results, use a pre-emergent herbicide before laying fabric.
    • STEP 2

      Unroll fabric to cover desired area and secure with landscape staples. Be sure to overlap fabric at least 3 inches when covering wide areas. Lay fabric around existing plants or posts where possible.
    • STEP 3

      Make sure all fabric edges and flaps are secured with landscape stakes. Remove any excess dirt from top of fabric, then cover entire area with desired aggregate material to proper depth required by project type or local code.