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DuraWeb™ Landscape Fabric

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DuraWeb Ultimate Weed Control & Landscaping Fabric is your best choice for almost any job. In the past, there was always a tradeoff in landscape fabric between weed protection, durability, and plant health. The other lightweight fabrics provide great air and water permeability, which is great for your plants, but they are not very durable or strong on weed protection. The heavier fabrics do a great job with durability and protection but offer very low air and water permeability, which is bad for your plants. The revolutionary new technology involved with the manufacturing process has produced the best of both worlds with DuraWeb landscape fabric. DuraWeb is rated at the top of the charts for both air and water permeability as well as for durability and weed protection.

3x50': 36 x 3.66 x 3.66" (rolled)
4x50': 48 x 3.66 x 3.66" (rolled)
3x100': 36 x 4.96 x 4.96" (rolled)
4x100': 48 x 4.96 x 4.96" (rolled)

    DuraWeb™ Landscape Fabric
    DuraWeb™ Landscape Fabric
    DuraWeb™ Landscape Fabric
    DuraWeb™ Landscape Fabric
    • Ultra-durable for long-term stability & layer separation

    • Prevents soll erosion

    • Highly permeable to air & water

    Product features


    Premium non-woven landscape fabric, heavy-duty manufactured using our exclusive Forged Fiber technology in a versatile 70 gsm weight


    This weed barrier fabric offers maximum strength and weed protection while maintaining high levels of permeability to air and water.


    DuraWeb Landscape Fabric is the ultimate weed barrier landscape fabric for landscapes or light duty hardscaping projects. Prevents soil erosion.

    DuraWeb™ Landscape Fabric Setup

    • STEP 1

      Clear all weeds and grass from the ares that will be landscaped. For best results, use a pre-emergent herbicide before laying fabric.
    • STEP 2

      Unroll fabric to cover desired area and secure with landscape staples. Be sure to overlap fabric at least 3 inches when covering wide areas. Lay fabric around existing plants or posts where possible.
    • STEP 3

      To accommodate new plantings, or to fit fabric over existing small plants, cut X-shaped openings with a utility knife and fold back fabric flaps.
    • STEP 4

      Make sure all fabric edges and flaps are secured with landscape staples. Remove any excess dirt from top of fabric, then immediately cover entire area with 3-4" of stone, gravel, or mulch to protect fabric from UV exposure.